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Channel News Asia - Serving news and video on SmartTV platforms

Our team has developed an application that delivers news and video content on Smart TV platforms for Media Corp. Singapore, the largest news television station in Southeast Asia.

Country: Singapore

What we delivered?

Our team was approached by the largest news and TV station in Southeast Asia, who were looking for a way to deliver their content on Smart TV platforms. We worked closely with the station to understand their needs and develop a dedicated application that would meet their requirements.

By implementing this application, the news and TV station has been able to expand its reach and engage a wider audience than ever before. We are proud to have played a role in their success.

Technology stack

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Backend architecture

  • LG OS
  • Samsung Tizen
  • IOS TV
  • Android TV


  • Typescript

What problem we solved?

The largest news and TV station in Southeast Asia turned to us for help in developing a dedicated application for their content. With our expertise in technology solutions, we were able to create an application that delivers news and video content on Smart TV platforms. This comprehensive solution allows users to access a wide range of news and video content from their television sets, providing them with a seamless and convenient viewing experience.


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Working hours


Size of team

2018 - 2019




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